500 Series Foden eight wheel trucks have two casting types: Type 1 high narrow grille with rounded top and stright vertical sides. Foden lettering 1947-1952 Type 2: Grille with narrow raised V-shaped central section and horizontal bars so each side 1953-1954. Trucks may or may no have tow hooks, cabs have trim in the color of the rear body of hubs as well as silver grille, bumper and headlights. See pictures and detailed information on Down Load Area on the Home Page.

Guy Otter Trucks 510 series have two casting types SEE DOWN LOAD AREA FOR PICTURES AND GRAPHIC ILLUSTRATIONS Type 1 Thin vertical line brackets on both sides of front license plate Type 2 triangular brackets on both sides of frontal license plate. All models have a tow hook, silver grille, bumper and head lights. Early issues have regular cast hubs, later issues have Supertoy hubs.







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